Geo-mechanical Testing and Instrumentation        

Butler Partners have the capability to assist with Geo-mechanical testing and precision instrumentation across Australia.

Our laboratories are strategically placed to assist with minimising the need to freight which helps mitigate unnecessary risk of samples being misplaced or damaged.

The Instrumentation tools are all designed and stored in mobile cases which means they can be brought to any site for utilisation.

A small snapshot of some of the testing we can assist with in our laboratories is; –

  • Triaxial – Consolidated, undrained, with pore water pressure measurement.
  • Triaxial – Consolidated, undrained, without pore water pressure measurement.
  • One dimensional consolidation.
  • Direct Shear / Shear Box
  • Particle size distribution by Hydrometer
  • Permeability by Constant Head (1×10-4m/s to 1×10-7m/s)
  • Permeability by Falling Head (1×10-7m/s to 1×10-9m/s)
  • Permeability by flexible wall permeameter (<1×10-9m/s)

Our field instrumentation capabilities are always expanding to encompass specific requirements  of out clients, typically used during project design and conformance testing. Some of these services are  –

  • Light weight deflectometer
  • PANDA Hammer
  • Vibrating wire piezometers
  • Water monitoring wells
  • Kurloo – Precision displacement monitoring.

Our geo-mechanical laboratories have the ability to operate 24 hours a day (automatically) to help clients meet specific timing requirements. If your project has any special considerations (timelines) please ensure you notify our team so we can work together on a solution that will suit.