Geotechnical Engineering

At Butler Partners, we can provide comprehensive geotechnical engineering consulting services using start-of-art analysis techniques and the extensive experience of our professionally qualified geotechnical engineers as required in the following areas:

Geotechnical Engineering QLD

  • Mining and resource project infrastructure
  • Transportation infrastructure 
  • Marine structures, ports and harbours
  • Geo-hazard risk assessment 
  • Tailings and water supply dams 
  • Foundations and retaining walls 
  • Engineering geology 
  • Slope stability and remedial works
  • Underpinning 
  • Soft ground engineering 
  • Deep basement construction 
  • Groundwater control
  • Computer modelling 
  • Ground support, including soil and rock anchors and soil nails 
  • Route selection and terrain evaluation 
  • Acid sulfate soil assessment 
  • Tropical soils 
  • Excavation characteristics
  • Construction materials resource assessment
  • Construction control and inspections